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Advanced passing techniques in Fifa 16

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The following article will be focused on advanced passing techniques in Fifa 16, specifically on the dribbling pass which is the newest addition in the Fifa 16 and in the opinion of many players the best pass of all.maxresdefault (1)
Before we start to describe actual passing technique, it is important to analyze how we can keep possession of the ball,The first thing that you might like to do is to set up your camera mode in whatever mode is most suitable for you, but be sure to see a lot of players, as you need to see a space in front of you all another side of the pitch when you are trying to perform long passes in the game.FIFA-16-Dynamic-CrossingThe first thing is that you always must face your teammate before an applying actual pass, that is very important.If yu are not facing your teammate, it will be difficult to properly perform the pass,other the first pass will be poor and a lot of things may go wrong.
So, always be sure to face your player and then pass the ball. You should get solid players from fifa 16 free packs, sell those you do not need and buy preferred ones. Always try to do effective passing, do not just pass into empty pitch, it will not be of any use, because in Fifa 16, you can not just pass ball after ball into the empty pitch. Defenders are much quicker,their reflexes are much better, so you can not try to constantly push the ball on the pitch as you used to in previous versions of the game.Take your time, pass backwards, pass sideways, try to create really useful opportunities for attack.Try to think in advance, your passes should have the purpose, try to really think about every pass, do not just pass without attention.Also, use your radar, it is very useful tool for creating great passes in Fifa 16.On radar, you can see if there are are areas with empty space in front of you, or areas that your pass may create the difference.
02fifa_screenshot_-_annotated_reference_copyRadar is always there on the screen, so in cases when you are not able to see entire pitch, it is very useful for controlling entire pitch. In previous versions of the game through ball was overpowered, but Fifa 16 substituted such overuse with the regular pass. It depends upon the situation, you should use through ball pass only in the situations when there are a lot of empty space before you, and use the regular pass in a situation when you are in a presence of few defenders.

jyffOne last piece of advice, if you want to master passing in Fifa 16, you must practice a lot as passes can be extremely difficult, you must know how much power you need in your passes, what should be the ideal direction of your passes and all that takes time and practice.

5 Interesting facts about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game

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5 Interesting facts about Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is one of the most popular Iphone and Ipad games ever made, and it is not strange since Kim Kardashian is currently one of the most popular persons worldwide. The plot of this game is what attracts the majority of young people to play, all of them are naturally Kim Kardashian fans and fans of Kardashian family in general. Quest you have to complete are created in a very interesting way, different from other games, so you have to visit promotional parties, participate in different photo shootings, buy certain clothes and create your own style. This game can even allow you to hang out with Kim, date someone, buy yourself a house and so on.

The goal in this game is to become the most popular Hollywood star, and you can do that by completing these quests. Since the interest for this game is rapidly increasing, we decided to share some interesting facts about this game, that will make you want to play.


819-hkYC0iL1)   Iconic Hollywood sign – we all saw in person or via Internet that is replaced by the sign of Kim’s last name, so instead of big Hollywood letters you can see ‘Kardashian’ written in its place.

2)   We all know Kim is the personification of everything we consider beautiful today, so in her Iphone game you cannot find ugly or common looking people – there is all beauty everywhere you look. This game does not have even one unattractive person.

3)   We already mentioned that you can hang out with Kim in this game, however the options for hanging out with her are not so numerous, only thing you can talk to her are her qualities, which means you are only allowed to compliment her, but if you are a big fan, this is an opportunity you would not want to miss.

4)   Dating in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is not like dating in the real world, it is only intended for gathering you more fans and followers. In VIP lives that is not so far away from the reality, if you have beautiful girlfriend you get more followers, right? The only conversation you have with your partner is revolving around you outfit, but still it is better than nothing. If you like to cheat you should use Kim Kardashian Hollywood money cheat

RelationshipPic5)   Money can buy you every little thing there is, you do not have to think about pick up lines or flirting with your potential boyfriend or girlfriend and why would you when you can buy him/her? Happiness and success are also the thing you can buy. Outfits, dresses, accessories and everything other you want you can get by giving the money, the prices are sometimes a little unrealistic but it is how it is. Bracelets only can cost you up to 300 dollars, but you do not have to worry, you will get your money by completing quests.

Even though purchasing a bracelet can empty your wallet (not literally), if you want to travel over the ocean it will cost you about 15 dollars. Suitable isn’t it?



Hungry Shark Evolution – game review

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Hungry Shark Evolution – game review



Hungry Shark Evolution is the fifth instalment of the Hungry Shark series, created by Future Games of London. The first game of the series was released in 2012, and Hungry Shark Evolution is said to be the final one. It is definitely the most complete one of all, when it comes to animation, features, bonuses and many other aspects. Despite being the last in the series, this game is being updated and the features are added to it by the creators on regular basis, so there is always something new to the game, even if you have played it for a while.

14f5de24c091302e8b014c32d2a02d4aThe game is graded 4.5 on iTunes and Google Store, based on over 3 million votes. It is a fast, fun game, great for killing time and stress relief, since the shark you are leading through the depths of the sea is devouring everything that is on its way. There are two types of commands: you can move the shark by dragging your finger along the touchscreen, or by tilting your device, and you boost the shark’s speed by touching and holding a finger while the shark is moving. The game can be played on every device with iOS and Android, but it is also available for Windows phones and PC’s with Windows 8 or higher installed.

Hungry-Shark-Evolution-on-PCIn this game, you are supposed to live the life of a shark, starting from the smallest, weakest one, which will evolve into different types of shark as you play. The sharks needs to eat almost constantly in order to stay alive, and it has the choice of eating not only various sea creatures, but also divers in the depths of the sea, or even swimmers and birds on the surface. There are dangers to the sharks which need to be avoided, such as jellyfish, porcupine fish and underwater bombs, but hunger and waters too deep can end the shark’s life as well. Both the models and the background objects are done in 3D animation, and a large plus goes to it, even though the eating is not animated that well – because you sometimes cannot see whether the shark is eating or being eaten. Alongside the animation, there is a huge number of missions to complete (over 70), various equipment for the shark, such as jet-pack, baby shark to be its companion, hats and other gadgets. All of this makes the game interesting and always different, since you can purchase these items after earning enough coins or gems. While we are at coins and gems, they can be earned by eating, but there are also Hungry_Shark_Evolution_Hack_Unlimited_Gems_Unlimited_Coins_(All_Versions)many bonuses provided, a treasure chest is there to give you a reward on daily basis, and you can also watch commercials to earn extra money for the game. Of course, you can buy the coins and gems for real money, but they can be earned by playing the game easily enough, so it may not be necessary.  The flaw of the game is that there are only three maps, but since they are large enough, you might not get bored by them too soon. Also, with additional features and more advanced sharks, you will be able to fight and eat even on beaches and in the sky.

All in all, this is a game which justifies its high grades when it comes to fun and pastime it provides.

Technology of future – Apple Watch

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Technology of future – Apple Watch


When someone says technology of future most people think about things they would like but know they are just a fantasy, but when I say technology of future I am referring to technology that already exists and it has a bright future in development sector. Technology I would like to talk, or should I say gadget I am going to talk about is Apple Watch. I believe that this gadget is something that offers us a sneak peek into the future of wearable gadgets, and thus is something important that exists.

To say it right now, technology that is used on Apple Watch is far from perfect and it will take years to utilize full potential this technology offers. Apple watch can be bought, and its price range goes from 400 up to 10 000 dollars. But number of features, as you will read in this text is quite tinny, and this makes it far from the original idea about replacing mobile phones with Apple Watch and similar gadgets.

chronometer-faces-01First version of software was WatchOS 1 but it contained a lot of irregularities, and thus WatchOS 2 system was launched on 9th of march 2015. This new system came with new applications that were available to all users of Apple Watch, among them most noted were Uber, Instagram and Shazam. Few other applications were included with this new system. Application which allowed you to check in and unlocka door of your hotel room, and another similar application that allowed user to open his garage door.

Best thing about this gadget is that it works without touching your iPhone, and you can use iPay with it. New feature that came with iOS 8.2 makes downloading apps possible with Apple Watch, and because of this you won’t have to download apps with your iPhone and then transfer them to your Apple Watch.

New battery that should last for over 18 hours is expected to hit the stores soon, if you believe people from Apple.

AppleWatchSport-640x359In order to use Apple Watch you will have to connect it to iPhone, and after that it will offer full spectrum of features. The most important of those features is the ability to answer/call and talk with Apple Watch without using your iPhone. Andappart from that this watch is a fitness gadget, you will be able to measure different things with it, you can use it for running, walking and few other exercises.

Siri is available on Apple Watch too, so dictation is possible.

After I have written all this, you probably think that I either own one of these gadgets or that I am an Apple fanboy. I am neither. This text was written in order to show you how easily can something be brought to greatness.

17176292525_4835479f22_bYes, technology used to create this gadget is something new, but they didn’t find it, it was there since few years back. This gadget has some future, if someone who cares for advancement of technology and gadgets decide to take over. But until then this will be another gadget which is basically useless, because all  features you find on it can be found in other things too, and buying this overpriced gadget is just a waste of money.

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